Masters of the Universe / Guns ‘n’ Roses Appetite for Eternia Longboard Skin / Wrap, 44.0 x 12in


MOTU / G ‘n R Mashup “Appetite for Eternia” wrap / skin


Custom made MOTU / G ‘n R Mashup Wrap “Appetite for Eternia” wrap / skin fits any longboard or skateboard or any other project up to 11.0in wide x 43.0in long (LONGBOARD NOT INCLUDED). The wrap itself is 12.0″ wide x 44.0″ long.

Installation Instructions:
Required Tools: Sharp Utility Knife, Squeegee

Our longboard skins are made so that one size fits boards up to 11.0in wide x 43.0in long. After applying the skin you will trim off the edges to fit the shape of your board with your sharp utility knife.

PLEASE MEASURE your board to assure the skin will completely cover your board. The wrap dimension is actually 12.0″ wide x 44.0″ long.

Made from premium 7 year outdoor vinyl with air release adhesive allowing easy application and no air bubbles. Laminated with a high gloss overlaminate for abrasion resistance and protection. Our board skins look deadly! They are printed in high resolution for unbeatable color and razor sharp graphics.

Additional information

Weight350 g


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