Gibson Les Paul Model Headstock Veneer / Overlay | Black / Mother of Pearl / Gold

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Gibson Les Paul Model Headstock Veneer / Overlay, Black/Mother of Pearl/Gold

These vinyl overlays measure 7.5 x 3.5in and cover the entire headstock and are to be trimmed after installing.
Use it to hide a poorly done repair or customize the appearance of your headstock. These products are intended to be used by for professional luthiers or hobbyists to aide in performing repairs and restorations to genuine Gibson guitars.
Created on from one (1) layer of super thin 2.0 mil (50 microns) premium cast vinyl, with clear permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive which mimics the pearlescence of abalone / mother of pearl / paua shell. Comes with transfer tape applied for easy installation. If the transfer tape is stubborn to peel off after installing, just spray or brush with water and let soak for 15 minutes. This will help release the adhesive.
IMPORTANT Clear coatings must be applied to in several light coats prevent the overlay from melting and/or curling.
As all guitars are finished in some part by hand, not all headstocks are exactly the same and these are large enough to cover almost any size / shape headstock, and will require trimming, with a sharp knife or razor blade.
We ship most orders the same or next business day (Monday to Friday). In cases where we cannot do this (due to custom designs, lack of specific color in stock, etc) you will be notified of the delay.

14 reviews for Gibson Les Paul Model Headstock Veneer / Overlay | Black / Mother of Pearl / Gold

  1. les Williams (inspyre design + print)

    Easy to apply and to trim to shape with a sharp knife – I used a razor blade and achieved a flawless edge as it cut through like butter against the headstock edge. Over sprayed with nitro and looks like factory finish.

  2. les Williams (inspyre design + print)

    Easy to apply and looks great – I was at first a bit anxious about trying to fit it, but it turned out to be very easy to apply. My first attempt was a mm or 2 off-centre but was able to just peel back off and reposition before it has stuck properly. Once pressed down properly it was stuck down hard. Used a razor blade to trim to shape once on the headstock and again surprised how easy it was to trim. . I over sprayed with satin Nitro to match my guitar finish – looks just like it was done like that from factory.

  3. Dennis T. (inspyre design + print)

    Second order over the past couple of years. Always good quality and easy installation with instructions to help a novice like me! Thanks Rudi! A+++++

  4. Verified Buyer (inspyre design + print)

    Initially I did not receive the correct items, However the company quickly sent the correct ones.

  5. Verified Buyer (inspyre design + print)

    Very nice quality, fast shipping

  6. Verified Buyer (inspyre design + print)

    Great quality and superb shipping. My restoration project is even better due to this veneer!

  7. Scott (inspyre design + print)

    Absolutely perfect. Looks great and with the center marks, it’s very easy to install.

  8. Kaleb F. (inspyre design + print)

  9. Mike Seager (inspyre design + print)

    Wonderful care and attention and brilliant restoration material! Love the items.

  10. Duncan Shields (inspyre design + print)

    Looks great under a few clear coats.

  11. STEVEN G. (inspyre design + print)

    I was very surprised and disappointed to find that this veneer is paper thin. I was expecting something more substantial for the price. Not with it.

  12. Anonymous (inspyre design + print)

  13. Uller (inspyre design + print)

    Great quality and fast shipping!!

  14. Luc Gallant (inspyre design + print)

    Excellent product, did a great job on my guitar. Also the customer service was really helpful with my questions and I recommend them for your project

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